Sunset Orange: Your New Favorite Citrus Beer from Shock Top

In case you missed our post on Bud Illini  and didn’t run out right away to buy a pack, we wanted to make sure you know all about the latest citrus beer from Shock Top. Meet Shock Top Sunset Orange!

ST Sunset Orange 2017.PNG

Sunset Orange is Shock Top’s “new Belgian-style wheat beer brewed with coriander and citrus peels, including blood orange.” In other words, your taste buds are about to thank you for trying this new citrus beer!

If you haven’t really had Blood Orange before, know this: it is a different flavor than that of a regular ol’ orange. Blood orange sweet but not too sweet and has an almost raspberry flavor to it (or so they say…it’s a unique flavor). It makes for a very sessionable beer because your taste buds are getting just enough of that sweetness without becoming overwhelming. Plus, blood orange just has a delicious flavor to it.

What we’re saying here is, the best thing you can do is give Shock Top Sunset Orange the ol’ college try and see what you think! Head to your local grocery or liquor store for either 6-pack or 12-pack bottles of Sunset Orange. You and your friends can enjoy this citrus beer all fall and winter long– it may just become your new favorite!



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