Bud Light & the Quality in Simplicity

Bud Light is the #1 brand in beer and began taking its story back to the basics. The brand team recently released a couple of commercial spots on the quality in simplicity.

The first spot you may have seen is called “Complex.”

In 30 seconds, you see a number of different beers with a comical display of interesting ingredients garnishing each glass. What you hear is the story of Bud Light – brewed with “four essential ingredients: barley, rice, water, and hops.”

Then you may have seen the new “Bottle” spot and been asked, “Have you ever wondered what’s in a beer?” before hearing the exact ingredients (all four of them) of a Bud Light.

Both of these commercials have 3 things in common:

  • An ingredients list – barley, rice, water, and hops.

And these two statements:

  • “Here’s to the beer you can always count on.”
  • “Brewed to be America’s favorite light lager.”

The message of quality is packed in those two statements, and it’s this (in fewer words): Bud Light is made with the same 4 ingredients everywhere it’s brewed. The taste will always be consistent from one batch to the next. You will always get that same light, crisp taste you expect from a Bud Light no matter what. And that’s what makes it America’s favorite, what makes it #1.

Cheers to keeping it simple, consistent, and #1 in quality.


Goose Island Fest Bier: Here for the Fun of Fall

We’re getting into the spirit of fall and Oktoberfest. Goose Island is helping us by releasing their fall seasonal – Goose Fest Bier (5.7% ABV). So break out your lederhosen, grab a pretzel, and join us this fall with steins full of Goose Fest Bier!

This light-bodied German lager is brewed with 2-Row, Munich, C-20, and C-40 malts and Hallertau Tradition hops to have it “brimming with notes of toasted malt and freshly baked rye bread.” Its crisp and clean but bitter flavor is reminiscent of that fall air just waiting to turn to winter.

Goose Fest Bier will be great for Oktoberfest themed parties, bonfires, and those last camping trips before the weather gets too cold. If you want to hold the taste of fall in your hand while you enjoy these autumn activities, look no further than your nearest grocery or liquor store to find Goose Fest Bier.

It will be available in 6- and 12-pack bottles and on tap in various bars and restaurants near you. If you see it on the shelf or on tap the next time you’re out, think of us, think of the fun fall activities you have planned and buy yourself a pack or a stein of Goose Fest Bier! It will be sure to give you all the fun fall feelings.


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Goose Island Employee Only Pack: Helping You Celebrate Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! We hope you are enjoying the day off and having some fun with your friends and family today! We may just have something to help you with that either way. Goose Island has released their Employee Only Pack just in time to help everyone celebrate Labor Day.

This variety pack is made up of the Goose Island employees’ top picks of the Goose Island brands! So which beers did they choose?

  • Fulton Street Blend – A “blonde ale brewed with Intelligentsia Coffee and named after the street in Chicago both Intelligentsia & Goose Island call home.”
  • Alt Bier – A “traditional Altbier inspired by the brewer’s travels to Germany.”
  • Oatmeal Stout – “A Goose Island favorite brought back from retirement.”
  • Coywolf Dark IPA – “Created with an experimental hop, this Dark IPA is named after the hybrid coyote/wolf that roams Chicago at night.”

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Sounds like a solid variety pack, right? They have a little something for everyone at your Labor Day cookout. Plus, the fact that it was created and voted on by employees makes it the perfect 12-pack or 24-pack to pick up to celebrate with a few or a lot of your friends!

We know at least one person who got a head start on their Labor Day party planning by winning this Goose Island rolling cooler from our random giveaway:

GI Cooler (2)

It was just the thing Gary needed to put his Goose Island Employee Only Pack beers in today!

Keep watching for other contests and giveaways from Skeff Distributing, and you might just find yourself the proud new owner of something as cool as this Goose Island cooler.

Cheers to Labor Day!

Elysian Brewing’s Night Owl Pumpkin Ale: Easing You into Autumn

It’s about that time again. You know what we’re talking about. Pumpkin time.

Night Owl

Elysian Brewing has a seasonal pumpkin beer to help ease all you Autumn lovers into pumpkin season. Night Owl (6.7% ABV) is a pumpkin ale available in 6 pk. 12 oz. bottles for easy sharing with your friends this fall.

It has a light to medium body and is “[a] very drinkable pumpkin ale – brewed with seven and a half pounds of pumpkin per barrel and spiced in conditioning with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice,” according to the brewers.

We think that sounds like a taste of pumpkin pie….and we’re all about it! With a combination of Pale, Munich, and Crystal malts and lightly bittered with Magnum hops, and both roasted raw pumpkin seeds and real pumpkin included in the brewing process, how could we not want to give Night Owl a try?

Of course, we may give it a try and then keep on trying it until it’s gone for the season. You better head out today and pick up a 6 pack to share with your pumpkin-loving friends over the weekend. Then keep watching for a post on more Elysian pumpkin beers on our Bud Illini blog next week.


Get Ready for Labor Day with a Goose Island Cooler Giveaway!

Do you have Labor Day plans? Do they involve a cookout or a lake day or a gathering of friends and family? Do all those plans involve a certain amount of ice, cold beer? We thought so, and we’re here to help one lucky guy or gal with a little something-something to put all that beer inside!

We are having a random giveaway to help you get ready for Labor Day! How about this Goose Island cooler on wheels to put your favorite Goose Island beer in? You can share with your friends (the beer, that is)!

GI Cooler (2)

Here’s how you can enter to win it:

  • Like our Facebook post sharing this information.
  • Then comment and tell us your favorite Goose Island beer.

Of course, there are just a few rules…

  • Must be 21 or older.
  • Must be able to pick the cooler up from our facility.
  • The winner will be randomly selected.


We will announce the winner via Facebook on Tuesday, August 29th. The lucky winner will have until Friday, September 1st at 4:00 p.m. to pick up their prize!

This way the winner will be able to show off their brand-new Goose Island cooler to all their friends at the Labor Day festivities that weekend. It will be so convenient to roll your way in when you have your other hand full of food.


The Beers You Should Be Drinking this Summer from O’Fallon Brewery

There are two year-round beers and one seasonal you should most definitely add to your order or your grocery list this summer. O’Fallon Brewery resides in the Show Me State next door – Missouri – and they’ve used the themes of the state and the seasons to inspire their brews.

Show Me IPAFirst up is the Show Me IPA (6.5% ABV), obviously named for the Show Me State itself. This year-round beer is brewed with 2-Row malt and Citra and Mosaic hops to give it fruity flavors and aromas. It’s available both on draught and in packaged bottles, so you can find it no matter what you want that day!STL Red

STL Red (5.6% ABV) is an easy-drinking Cardinal red amber ale, and we bet you can guess why. “STL Red balances the sweet roasted nut flavors from the barley malt [2-Row, Munich, and Caramel]  with the soft, spicy, and floral notes from the [Magnum, Cascade, Centennial] hops.” This redbird inspired beer is available year-round on tap and in package bottles, so you can support the St. Louis Cardinals whether it’s Opening Day or the middle of the holiday season.

Daze of SummerAnd then there are those Daze of Summer (4.8% ABV) we all love to enjoy… This seasonal summer Ale is sweet and tart just like its pink lemonade color suggests. Daze of Summer is a wheat beer somewhere between a Radler and a Shandy and is brewed with real lemons and lemon zest for “a fresh-squeezed citrus taste.” Available on draught and in bottles for a limited time, you had better hurry to enjoy this summertime ale while you can and the weather is hot! Summer will be gone before you know it, and you’ll have to wait a year for Daze of Summer to come around again.

Next time you’re at the store, ambling down the beer aisle or at your favorite watering hole, perusing the beer list and you see an O’Fallon Show Me IPA, STL Red, or Daze of Summer, do yourself a kindness and put it in the cart or order it right up! You’ll be happy you did.


Illinois State Fair: Entertainment & Beer from Skeff Distributing

Thursday, August 10th – Sunday, August 20th is the Illinois State Fair, where you can find food, fun, and fair activities for the whole family for 10 straight days.

You can find great music and entertainment in the Budweiser Tent, this year on the following dates and times:

  • Thursday, August 10thBEER TENT Photo Contest 2017
    • 6 p.m. – Rock House
    • 9 p.m. – After Sunset
  • Friday, August 11th
    • 5 p.m. – New City Road
    • 9 p.m. – The Loops
  • Saturday, August 12th
    • 1 p.m. – Exit 52
    • 5 p.m. – Tennessee Borderline
    • 9 p.m. – Big Daddy Jasper
  • Sunday, August 13th
    • 1 p.m. – Diversion
    • 5 p.m. – New City Road
    • 9 p.m. – 2nd Chance Band
  • Monday, August 14th
    • 6:30 p.m. – Lady Luck
  • Tuesday, August 15th
    • 5 p.m. – The Loops
    • 9 p.m. – Afterimage
  • Wednesday, August 16th
    • 5 p.m. – The Boat Drink Caucus
    • 9 p.m. – Broseph E. Lee
  • Thursday, August 17th
    • 5 p.m. – The Get Down
    • 9 p.m. – The Loops
  • Friday, August 18th
    • 5 p.m. – 2nd Chance Band
    • 9 p.m. – Take 10
  • Saturday, August 19th
    • 1 p.m. – The Blue G’s
    • 5 p.m. – Brandy Kristin & The Revival
    • 9 p.m. – New City Road
  • Sunday, August 20th
    • 1 p.m. – Imagine That
    • 5 p.m. – Big Daddy Jasper

Or you can always get tickets to a show at the Grandstand and see any of the acts (or all of them, if you’re so inclined):

  • Thursday, August 10th – Foghat with TBA
  • Friday, August 11th – Chase Rice with Runaway June and Chris Cavanagh
  • Saturday, August 12th – Pentatonix with TBA
  • Sunday, August 13th – Brad Paisley with Dustin Lynch, Chase Bryant, and Lindsey Ell
  • Monday, August 14th – Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone
  • Tuesday, August 15th – Sublime with Rome with Blues Traveler
  • Wednesday, August 16th – Alabama with Neal McCoy
  • Thursday, August 17th – Jason Derulo with DJ and Chel
  • Friday, August 18th – Southern Uprising Tour, featuring Montgomery Gentry, The Charlie Daniels Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, and The Outlaws
  • Saturday, August 19th
    • USAC Silver Crown Bettenhausen 100
    • Five Finger Death Punch with All That Remains and Nonpoint
  • Sunday, August 20th
    • ARCA Racing Series 100 Sportsman Nationals
    • John Mellencamp with Carlene Carter

Head over to the Craft Beer area (new last year) and enjoy some Stella Artois from the Stella Airstream.


Or try some great beers from Riggs Beer Company, Goose Island, Kona, and Shock Top!

In short, there’s plenty of fun to be had at the Illinois State Fair this year, so you should check it out.

Plus, new to the fair this year – cell phone charging stations! They will be located at the Bud Tent, Grandstand & Shed. Each one charges 10 phones.


IL State Fair Phone Charging Stations 8-10..20-17

It’s Time for the 2017 Decatur Celebration!

Summer is coming to an end; schools are getting ready to start up again; and everyone knows what that means. It’s time for the Decatur Celebration!

Friday, August 4th – Sunday, August 6th is Decatur’s favorite street festival, and this year is going to be big. With events like the Razzle Dazzle Parade, the 7th annual Family Fun Run/Walk, and the carnival (which opens the evening of Thursday, August 3rd and runs through the weekend), there is a bit of entertainment for each member of the family.

Speaking of entertainment… You and your friends will want to head back down to the Decatur Celebration in the evenings. Don’t worry, there are plenty of music acts to see besides the family events and all the great food and drinks! This year you have the chance to see:

  • Nelly
  • Bret Michaels
  • Travis Tritt
  • 7eventh Time Down
  • Stars Go Dim
  • Here Come the Mummies
  • The Jersey Tenors

And of course, there will be beer tents with brands from Skeff Distributing for all those 21 and over! You can find beer at the locations marked with beer steins on the map below, including:

  • Budweiser
  • Bud Light
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Goose Island
  • Riggs Beer Company and more Skeff Distributing craft beer brands in the Craft Beer Tent!

2017 Celebration Map

We hope to see you all out and about during the Decatur Celebration weekend, eating great food, drinking ice, cold Bud Light (or any of Skeff Distributing’s great beer brands), and having fun with your friends and family!


Try Riggs Beer Company’s Summer Seasonal Beers ASAP!

Have you tried any of Riggs Beer Company’s summer seasonal beers yet?  No? Well, we can fix that.

Every month of the year Riggs selects a beer to brew to put the taste of the season right on your taste buds. This summer, they have brewed and will brew a Pilsner (June), a Citraweizen (July), and a Helles (August) beer.

As the months go by the tap markers at your favorite watering holes will change from one beer to the next, the fun part about this is – that same handle can all be beers that come from Riggs. You can make a standing date with your friends and your favorite barstool, try the latest from Riggs, and enjoy a great-tasting beer while you’re at it.

Don’t worry, you can still find you favorite year-round beers from Riggs as well. If you feel like ordering something you have already tasted and approved, go for it! Those beers (American Lager, Red Lager, Hefeweizen, and India Pale Lager) are available to you as well. Either way, there will always be something you already know and love and something new to try every time you look at that beer list and see one Riggs Beer Company.

In the meantime though, head out to your neighborhood bar that serves Riggs beer and ask the bartender for a Pilsner (if it hasn’t already been drunk dry) or a Citraweizen and look forward to August when you can try the Helles!

Cheers for summer beers!

Riggs Logo 1

Live the Island Life with Kona Hanalei Island IPA

On the North coast of Kauai is a small village and a crescent shaped bay called Hanalei. They are next to Makana Mountain (also known, perhaps better known as Bali Hai) with white sand beaches and clear, blue water a.k.a. a paddler’s paradise. It’s also the namesake for Kona Brewing Company’s latest IPA.

Hanalei Island IPA (4.5% ABV) is the “brewers’ homage to the Garden Isle and the Hawaiian classic drink POG.” That’s passion fruit, orange, and guava juices for us mainlanders.

It’s brewed with Pale 2 Row Premium and Caramel I20 malts and Millenium, Azacca, and Galaxy hops. That combination gives Hanalei Island IPA a “coppery, laidback, session-style ale, bright with tropical flavors,” as the brewers describe it.

Hanalei IPA

This easy-drinking IPA will leave you feeling like you’re paddling out into the South Pacific to catch a wave – even if you’re just sitting at home somewhere in Central Illinois.

Head out today to find Hanalei Island IPA in stores or on tap in your town today. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll find yourself daydreaming of living the island life. Just think…Hawaii, white sand beaches, bathing suits, and beautiful, blue water, with a beer in-hand. Just make sure to pack the cooler with Kona’s Hanalei IPA in that daydream!

Cheers to daydreams of Hawaii and Hanalei Island IPA!

Goose Island’s Juicy Double, Imperial 49, and Gillian: Great for Summer!

Goose Island has a few new beers brewed for your enjoyment this summer, and we’re here to tell you all about them. Juicy Double, Imperial 49, and Gillian (2017 Vintage) are just what you need to add to your fridges and coolers as the summer heats up!

Juicy Double

Juicy Double.pngJuicy Double (8.3% ABV) is a “Double India Pale Ale brewed with orange juice,” 7 hop varieties, and 4 different malts to give it a “bold hop character” and “nicely balanced” flavor thanks to the citrus from the orange juice.

Imperial 49

Imperial 49

This Imperial IPA (8.4% ABV) was inspired by the 49th Parallel where the Goose Island hop farm is located. It has “big hop flavors and complex citrus aromas” on a malt foundation from a mix of 5 malts and 4 different hop varieties.

Gillian 2017 Vintage

Some of you may have tried Gillian before, but we’re sure you may want to try this newest vintage. For those of you who haven’t had it, we’re here to tell you a bit more about it.Gillian

Gillian (9.5% ABV) was first “inspired by an amuse bouche created by a chef wife of one of Goose Island’s brewers.” It’s a wild ale, aged in wine barrels brewed with fresh strawberries, honey, and white peppercorns sourced from local family farms. This combination along with 3 malts and 3 strains of yeast make Gillian both sweet and tart.


You can find any of these in various packages on shelves at local liquor and grocery stores or on tap at your favorite watering holes.


Toast Independence Day with Camouflage Budweiser America Cans!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July a.k.a. Independence Day. Aside from a day off of work in the middle of the week, there’s a reason to celebrate – we are free. Thanks to those who fought and died for our freedom, we are able to enjoy much more than a mid-summer holiday.

This Independence Day pick up a pack of camouflage Budweiser America bottles. Raise a bottle to those who came before us, fought, and died for the freedoms we might often forget we have. Show your support to the current troops who fight and sacrifice just as much to maintain those freedoms and help others to obtain them.

Bud Camo Proud to Serve 2017

Also, it’s important to know (or remember if you read our previous our Bud Illini blog post from Memorial Day) that you won’t just be enjoying some ice cold Budweiser with great packaging. You will be contributing to an even greater cause.

For every America can or bottle sold, Anheuser-Busch will donate 1 cent to the Folds of Honor Foundation up to $1 million dollars. That is a potential $1 million that will go toward helping the families of fallen soldiers to receive scholarships to further their education and better their lives.

And that, my friends, is reason enough to buy a pack of Budweiser America bottles or cans this Independence Day. What an easy way to celebrate the country we live in than to help our fellow American by purchasing a pack of beer we were (very likely) going to by to bring to our friends’/families’ annual 4th of July cookout.

Have fun, celebrate, and stay safe this Independence Day.

Cheers to America and to freedom!

ONYS Photo Contest: Fun for the Whole Family

Skeff Distributing has some fun for the whole family over the next week or so. We are challenging you, your friends, and your family to a photo contest. Some of you may remember Original New York Seltzer from the 1980’s. Some of you may have started seeing it in stores again and taken a double take. That’s right, it’s back.

Original New York Seltzer is back with the same great taste – in several flavors, including:

  • Black Cherry
  • Raspberry
  • Root Beer
  • Vanilla Cream
  • Cola & Berry.

This non-alcoholic soda is crisp, clear, and contains no artificial flavoring – just like they said:


Here’s where the fun comes in…

Starting today, Monday, June 26th through Sunday, July 9th, we challenge you to take and submit the best 1980’s style photo with Original New York Seltzer. We want to see how creative you can get! Then, once we have all the submissions, the winners will be selected and announced on Monday, July 10th and again on Wednesday, July 12th.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Like us on Facebook.
  2. Follow us on Instagram.
  3. Post your best 1980’s style photo with Original New York Seltzer and tag us in it between June 26th and July 9th. (Important: Make sure your privacy settings for that post are set to allow us to view it. Otherwise, we will not be able to see your submission.)
  4. Include the hashtags #ONYS and #Skeff50.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Monday, July 10th, the top 5 winners will be announced here on our Buds & Brews blog and, in case you missed it, again on Wednesday, July 12th on our Bud Illini blog to be shared to all our social media pages.

Winners will receive a 12 pack of Original New York Seltzer to share with your friends and family… Or you can keep it all for yourself. We won’t tell!

It’s the weekend before Independence Day this week, which means you can use the weekend to come up with your ‘80’s style photo op strategy and get a pack of Original New York Seltzer. You can find it at the following stores and locations:

  • Save-A-Lot
    • Auburn
    • Urbana
  • County Market
    • Chatham
    • Springfield
    • Champaign
    • Danville
    • Tilton
    • Girard
    • Decatur

Then get those pictures taken and submitted over the holiday while you’re with your family and friends because, like we said, it’s fun for the whole family. You have a great opportunity to spend some quality time, have a fun activity to do together, make memories, and document them for yourselves and all of us to see!

Good luck and Happy Independence Day! We can wait to see your submissions.




Skeff Distributing Welcomes Golden Road to Its Portfolio

Golden Road Brewing Logo

You may have read or heard over the past couple years that Anheuser-Busch purchased a craft brewer from Los Angeles, California, called Golden Road Brewing. You may have also noticed a lack of Golden Road Brewing products in our area….that is because the distribution of these brands was still growing and expanding. We are now very pleased to let you know, you can find Golden Road Brewing beers throughout East Central Illinois courtesy of your favorite beer distributor (that would be us, for all intents and purposes) as we have recently attain approval to distribute them within our footprint.

Now, you may have noticed this “new” brand of beers on shelves or on tap, but you might not know much about them or what they’re all about. We’re here to help you out with that.

Meg Gill co-founded Golden Road Brewing in 2011 in Los Angeles to “prove L.A. could be a good craft beer town.” It’s was and still is a young company but they are hungry and very much “doing what they love and loving what they do.”

And what do they love to do? Brew beer with a taste profile that is “very uniquely southern California” with its dryness and hop profile.

But it’s more than just beer. They are very much lifestyle brewers. They like to be active, to surf, to run, to swim, to bike, and so on and so forth… And so do their consumers. With that in mind, they brew beers that are drinkable, sessionable, and allow you to get up the next day and do the activities you love.

So while you may not live in southern California, you can still enjoy that live that active lifestyle and enjoy great beers brewed with that Southern California vibe no matter that you live in the Bread Basket of the U.S. or anywhere else in the world.

Pick up a pack today and give it a try. You just may find the beer that fits your lifestyle that you’ve been looking for!



Come to The Eagle’s Nest Gift Shop to Find Your Father’s Day Gift!

Are you still looking for that perfect gift to get your dad on Father’s Day? Need last minute ideas? The Eagle’s Nest Gift Shop has you covered!

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to stop by our office, you probably didn’t know we had a gift shop called The Eagle’s Nest in our visitor’s entrance. The Eagle’s Nest has a variety of items you might be interested in from clothes to glassware.

Here’s a glimpse inside:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, about those gifts…

We have Anheuser-Busch product themed clothing items from fun socks to t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and button downs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But that’s not all we have at The Eagle’s Nest, oh no. We have these sweet Bud Light Coolers on wheels for all your dad’s beaching, tailgating, camping, or just Saturday night needs.

BL Cooler

We also have some cool Budweiser washer sets, so you and your dad can set up in the backyard, crack open a couple of Buds, and spend some time together in a little friendly competition.

So no matter what your dad may like or what he may have a need for (who doesn’t need another pair of socks or a new shirt?), The Eagle’s Nest is here to help! Stop by today and scout out your dad’s new favorite Father’s Day gift.

We’re located at:

3585 E. L&A Industrial Drive

Decatur, IL 62521

Look for the Visitor’s Parking/Entrance sign and come on in and shop!

Cheers to all the dad’s out there, this Bud’s for you!

2017 World Environment Day: How Skeff Distributing Did Its Part

Happy World Environment Day, a day to reconnect with nature and to play a part in keeping our planet healthy! Whether you go for a walk, host a picnic, or plan a cleanup day, the purpose of the day is to get outside and remember to stop and smell the roses Mother Nature so kindly grew for us.

This year, Skeff did its part to get outside, conserve water, and clean up the communities where we live and work.

Water Conservation Pledges

Team Skeff signed pledges to conserve water from Friday, May 19th – Monday, June 5th. That is a total of 18 days of conscious effort to conserve water. That may sound harder than it actually is, and we’re here to tell you why.

Everyone had three options to choose from; they could pledge one, two, or all three ways to decrease their water usage:

  1. Skip Shaving (5 gallons/shave x 18 days = 90 gallons).
  2. Turn the water off while brushing their teeth (4.5 gallons/brush x twice/day x 18 days = 162 gallons).
  3. Shorten their showers by a total of 20 mins (2.5 gallons/minute x 20 minutes = 50 gallons).

You may not realize how much water you use while brushing your teeth, but you can see from these formula averages that the savings is significant. It seems odd that something as simple as turning the water off while you brush your teeth or cutting your shower time down by one or two minutes each day could make such a difference…which is exactly what makes this exercise so effective.

At the end of 18 days, Team Skeff conserved a total of 3,652 gallons of water.

Community Cleanup Day

Friday, June 16th members of Team Skeff will take to the streets and participate in a Community Cleanup Day in honor of World Environment Day.

Three Teams will set out for different locations in the communities where we live and work to do their part in making them clean and healthy for community members to enjoy.

  • Team Danville are heading to Lake Vermilion to clean up all the public fishing, docks, and picnic areas.
  • Teams Decatur & Champaign are working together to clean up Nelson Park and possibly one other Decatur park.
  • Team Springfield is going to do some cleanup at Forrest Park.

Every year we enjoy doing these environmentally friendly projects and incorporating different behaviors into our daily routine that are easy to take for granted. It acts as a reminder to us that we can always contribute and make a difference – even if it is something as simple as skipping a shave or cutting our shower time down by a minute or two.

We encourage you to incorporate some of these behaviors into your daily routine, our guess is they just might stick. We also encourage you to get outside, go for a walk, have a picnic, or plan an activity with your friends and family to enjoy a little time in nature and help keep it healthy. Then feel free to reward yourselves with an ice cold Budweiser.

Cheers to a better world!


Best Damn Sweet Tea: The Drink of Choice for Memorial Day 2017

Happy Memorial Day! First, we want to thank all those veterans who fought and made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Second, we want to thank their families for their sacrifices and help them honor their soldier’s memory today. One way we know how to do that is to toast them with the new Best Damn Sweet Tea.

On a day when we celebrate the United States, our freedom, and those who fought for both, we think it’s only apt to toast them with an All-American drink. May I ask, what drink is more American than sweet iced tea? Perhaps Best Damn Sweet Tea, the 21+ version of the classic tea.

Best Damn Sweet Tea (5.5% ABV) is a hard sweet tea. It is aged on real black tea leaves while brewing to give it that real tea flavor. The brewers describe its taste a little something like this: delicious, easy-drinking, with a “delightful, refreshingly smooth iced tea taste.”

We trusted them, but then we sampled it ourselves….And they were right. It’s delicious, easy-drinking, and delightfully refreshing. In fact, it’s so much so that we couldn’t think of a better drink to have on a hot, sunny Memorial Day than Best Damn Sweet Tea. Like they said, they “put the TEA in party!” and we’re ready to celebrate today.

Best Damn Sweet TeaNot only is today a major American holiday (and one of our favorites to celebrate), it is also considered the first of the summer holidays and the one that kicks off the summer season.

If you haven’t already, head out and pick up some Best Damn Sweet Tea and give it a try. You can find it in the following packages:

  • 6 pk. 12 oz. bottle
  • 6 pk. 16 oz. can

Be sure to toast the American heroes that fought and sacrificed, so you can enjoy your freedom. We’ll get you started….

Cheers to all the American heroes and to a happy and safe Memorial Day!

Best Damn Cream Soda: Taking You Back to the Summers of Your Childhood

We are one week away from the holiday that kicks off the summer – Memorial Day! We are excited and ready for summertime weather, fun, and (of course) drinks, which is why we are equally excited to tell you about Best Damn Cream Soda.

Remember the summers of your childhood? Remember how much fun they where? Remember how you used to ride your bikes to the closest soda shop and enjoy a cold cream soda?

Well, some of our readers just might remember doing exactly that while others have only heard stories of such summer activities as this. Either way, you know the feeling of enjoying an old fashioned soda in a soda shop – whether from personal experience or through stories that sang through your imagination.

We’re here to take you back to those childhood summers through the taste of Best Damn Cream Soda. Now, the major difference here is that you’ll be drinking the adult version of that soda you enjoyed in your youth!

Best Damn Cream Soda (5.5% ABV) is a hard soda with the same great taste you remember drinking or imagining. Aged on real vanilla beans during the brewing process, Best Damn Cream Soda adds “a touch of sweetness to a timeless recipe,” as the brewers describe it.

Look for this great-tasting, old-timey hard soda Best Damn Cream Sodaon shelves in the following packages:

  • 6 pk. 12 oz. bottle
  • 6 pk. 16 oz. can

For those of you who sampled or saw it at the Decatur Chamber Business Expo & Taste in early May, you know what we’re talking about! It’s “Soda-licious, you’ll love it!” (We had to end with a bit of the brewers’ soda humor).

Head on out and grab a six pack to try and get transported back to the summers of your childhood…and enjoy them like an adult this Memorial Day!


Shock Top Lemon Shandy has a New Look!

Your favorite summer seasonal is back, and it has a brand new look! Check it out, and be sure to look for this refreshed packaging on shelves in your local grocery and liquor stores.

ST Lemon Shandy Refresh 2017

After all, Shock Top Lemon Shandy “is summer in a bottle” as the brewers describe it. Memorial Day Weekend is the kickoff to the summer season, and what better way could there be to get a head start on some summer fun than to stock the fridge with a Shock Top Lemon Shandy (4.2% ABV)?

We couldn’t think of one either.

You can stock the fridge or your cooler with a:

  • 6 pack of 12 oz. bottles or
  • 12 pack of 12 oz. bottles.

Or perhaps you feel like going out for a beer with your friends? Be sure to ask the bartender for a Shock Top Lemon Shandy on tap at your favorite watering hole this summer.

No matter what, though, with its “classic, refreshingly balanced sweet and crisp lemon recipe,” the summer will be off to a good start…with a Shock Top Lemon Shandy in hand, of course. Now, it’s time for you to enjoy that taste of summer for yourself!


Get Your Mom What She Really Wants This Mother’s Day: Pine-Apple-Rita Splash!

Mother’s Day is May 14th, which means you have about a week to figure out how to showPineapple Rita Splash her your appreciation. Lucky for you, we have just what you’ve been looking for….Pine-Apple-Rita Splash!

It’s the newest, full-time addition to the Rita Splash line of products, and it. is. delicious! This easy to drink Rita “combines the deliciously light flavor of pineapple with a refreshing margarita taste,” according to the brewers.

Pine-Apple-Rita Splash (4% ABV) is perfect for your fun-loving mom, who just wants to sit, talk, and spend some time with her adult children. You can let loose with your mom and reminisce about all the times you drove her nuts and made her laugh while you were growing up.

Head to the store today and get yourselves a 12 oz. bottle 6 pack or a 16 oz. can 6 pack to share together (and with your siblings, if you have them)!

After all, the best present you can often give is time spent with those you love and what better way to do that than to gather and talk over a couple Pine-Apple-Rita Splashes?

Cheers to all the moms out there this Mother’s Day!